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Mellony PK Soares Mercado
Feb 13, 2017

Dinner and a Movie


We all have those weeks that everything is way to hectic, money is a little tight, the craziness of the day is just riding us hard. Yep, me too! Not to mention, that the cost to go out to eat and watch a movie on any given night is just ridiculous. Actually the cost of going out anywhere can be very expensive , as you can imagine, but it doesn't have to stop us from spending quality fun time with the ones that we love.


Everyone loves a good meal, and almost everyone loves a really great movie, so why not start a new trend in your household and with your friends like my husband Rey, and I did. Instead of planning on going out and hanging out, schedule a Dinner and a Movie date night, girls night in, kids slumber party or hangout at your house. To keep the trend going and your budget down, get your friends to take turns having it at their homes, same thing with your kids friends and parents. Everyone takes turns at their home preparing a home cooked meal and choosing at least 2 movies to watch.


Here's what we're suggesting, and we hope you like the idea so much that you get it started in your home and group of friends and loved ones. Choose a night to prepare a home cooked meal, don't have to be fancy, just something you really love to make, and select at least 2 movies in the genera of your choice, (2, so your friends and family can take a vote on.) And stay in, instead of going out. It's the perfect way to just let your hair down, relax, kick up your shoes, enjoy a really good meal, a good movie and great company, Even if the company is, me, myself and I. It's nice to just de-fuss our lives and just be.


What we'd like you to do: Take a picture of your home cooked meal and your movie, tell us a bit about yourself, the food you made, and why you chose that movie. You can even if you like take a picture of your company enjoying it.


Let's have fun with this and start a new trend...


Excited to see what you got,