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Mellony PK Soares Mercado
Mar 4, 2017

Never Forget How Far You've Come




I'm always humbled, by the path I've chosen to take in life. It's not always been level ground, I've had like all of you my share of mountains & valleys, BUT, I'd never ever trade my journey for the world. This photo was taken about 5years ago, I've truly learned alot about who I really am on the inside, and I'm not too proud to say it's not always matched how I've looked on the outside. I've learned that my transformation, from the me I was then, and the me I am today has given be a powerful appreciation of life, how lucky we are, and how much we take our bodies for granted. How much our programmed beliefs have screwed us up, mind, body & soul, and how even today I'm vigilant of my inner speech, my self talk, and how I allow people into my life. I've learned along the way that NOT EVERYONE supports our choice to change, that change in me can trigger buttons pressed in those around me, and that you can want people to get why you're making those choices, but it can really push them further away then you expected. So, as a fitness trainer, I've shared my experiences, with clients and students, encouraging them to not be so hard on themselves, because I've been there. But once again we're all going to experience life with our own unique filters, emotions, and beliefs. I can only encourage them, and you to NO MATTER WHAT DON'T EVER GIVE IN TO THE SELF DOUBT, take a step, and then another, and before you know it you'll reach that place, inside that embraces the outside and when you do, magic begins to happen. And the skin you're in will radiate real true YOU! #transformation#motivation#fitfam#fitnessjourney#fitlife#happy#believe#followyourdream#muscles#workout#gymlife#fitmom#mommy#fitgirl#women#exercise#wednesday#humpday#bodytransformation#body#reallife#lovemyself#food#eatclean#cleaneating

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  • Mellony PK Soares Mercado
    Feb 12, 2017

    We all got here from somewhere else, you, me, him, her, we all had to take that scary first step to choose to do something about our situation in life. It could be health reasons, relationship issues, wanting to do better for your children, employment threatening to lay you off due to illness, can't fly or travel, can't leave the house, whatever it is, you have a right and a need to tell your story, and how you got from there, to right here and now. Your story don't have to be about any of those things, it could just be that you've embarked on a personal quest to be a better version of yourself, and that's fine too. Here's the deal, we all want and need to hear it, so come on share it with us. Here's what we'd like you to do: Post a collage of a then and now picture. Caption it with your first name and dates, and write your story, keep it as brief as possible but make sure to really say what you feel. (No nudity please, keep it tasteful) Followers: Please, we're all about being kind, caring and positive, and we expect the same from each of you. So keep all comments inspiring, motivating, supportive and up lifting. After all we're all in this together. Thanks for being brave, taking the first step to loving you, and keep us updated on your progress. Sincerely, Mellony