• Mellony PK Soares Mercado

Falling in Love with Food

I love food, I don't know about you. But with the millions of beautiful food pictures posted on Instagram and Pinterest, who isn't! No wonder we're falling in love and romancing the idea of being foodies in this day and age. And why not.

Our relationship with food has to be intimate, not just on the physical eye candy level, but on the cellular level as well. Seriously though, food is more than just carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as some of our seriously buffed bodybuilder types want to categorize them. I mean, they are, but if we only start looking at them that way, food can get really boring and complicated to those of us who just want to eat the beautiful colors, shapes and textures and fantasize about being in those far away places that takes us to new adventures in remote islands some where in the middle of the bright blue Pacific Ocean, eating colorful fruit, wild boar, and sipping fun alcoholic beverages with little pink umbrellas and a straw.

In my opinion why not. After all food is a life source of nutrients, but not only for the physical body, but for the spirit soul as well. The food we are attracted to, the foods we crave, the foods we desire, all have an emotional connection to our inner feelings. If you've ever taken a trip, and we all have to somewhere that really captured our heart and soul, with that special someone, or even by one's self, that made you feel so in the moment that the smells, sights, tastes, sounds and feelings of that place come alive within you, that it's burned it's memory in your mind and heart forever, and you carry that with you. You'll understand when I say, when you smell a whiff of a familiar aroma on the breeze while strolling in an open air market, or you go to an exotic restaurant and browse the menu and they have that special dish you ate on your trip, you realize how richly food stimulates and entwines us in a never ending romance of life. Food is life, we eat, breath, see and it becomes a part of us.

Our lives will forever be enriched by the moments that captured our imaginations, stirred our emotions, and ingrained in our memory people, places and things that we've experienced, funny thing though, FOOD, in it's simplicity, has a magical way of luring us back to those places and people who've touched us.

Yes, food, it takes all of our senses to truly enjoy all that it has to offer. If you're willing, to take the journey with me, come along and stay tuned to my series on OUR ROMANCE WITH FOOD, where I'll share with you how getting back in touch with loving our food, can change our minds, bodies and spirit soul on many profound levels. We'll explore how the foods we crave, connects us to people, places and things, and how they affect our health and wellness. We'll also explore the benefits of food and forgiveness, yep sounds crazy, but trust me, our intimacy with food goes deeper than you'd ever imagine.

It's time to get back to loving our food, in it's own way, it's honoring the you it will become. If you don't love your food, how are you suppose to honor and love you?

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