• Mellony PK Soares Mercado

FITNESS GLAM, it's time to get rid of those boyfriend sweats, and get with blooming...

It’s time to step it up ladies, yep you heard me! All the many shades of GREY, has gotta go, spring is in the air, and it’s your time to BLOOM. Here’s to adding that pop of color to your fitness style. I know you’ve been admiring the latest workout leggings, yoga pants and workout moisture wick wear. Well it’s time to go for it, get it, wear it and feel fabulous in it.

Here’s the deal, some of us curvy gals will be thinking, “OH HELL NO, I’ll never get my thick thighs, and bouncy booty in those little thingies!!!” Well, guess what, more and more big brands are catering to what more women are asking for. More size choices in all shapes, from sports bras for the busty gal who loves to run, the power lifter that needs to be protected and confident throwing them weights around. Not to mention the gal who just wants to get down with up-ward dog. See, ladies it’s time we realize that it’s not US that needs to change our size, shape or weight, BUT IT’S THE COMPANIES who make the clothes for us.

So, instead of choosing to be safe, and picking the black tank and pants, go for some color therapy, with bright bold hues, that brings out the sparkle in your eyes, adds a sprin in your step, and some punch in your right hook. Add some head gear, the kind that makes you look in the mirror and smile to yourself, wear a little lip balm, that adds some tint to those luscious lips of yours and go for the glam.

Okay, some of you will say, “I’M NOT ABOUT A FASHION SHOW AT THE GYM!” I GET IT! But you’re not doing this for the gym catwalk, you’re doing this for you, because you’ve worked so dam hard at your body transformation that it’s time to be proud of yourself. YEP, I SAID IT, BE PROUD OF YOURSELF. This is one way to reward your success, not when you lose the 20lbs, NOPE SISTER, but the baby steps, is more important. Why, because it’s what’s going to keep you and I going. So, get to it. Keep posted for more gym gear inspiration and let me know, show me your pics, post on my forum your transformation journey.

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