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HELLO Breakfast, why the first meal of the day can help you manage your weight, keep you fueled, and

Eating a power packed breakfast is one of the easiest ways to keep your metabolism revving and your blood sugar levels stabilized. Keeping with protein and fiber rich veggies, add good healthy olive oil, for the added healthy fat, will keep you energized for your morning productivity, in the gym, on the road, or at the office. For those of you low in energy, feeling the hum drum moody blues, it's because you've fasted all night while you've been sleeping, and your body is letting you know it needs fuel, to get going. Adding a piece of fruit will top off your fuel tank, and keep you jazzed till your mid-day meal.

But the big plus is that if you're working on managing your body fat and weight, or wanting to lose a little extra pounds, eating breakfast could be the missing link to why you're not getting it done correctly. Breakfast doesn't have to be over the top, it just needs to be consistent, and guess what this one is easy to pack and go. No excuses, you can even eat half on the way out the door, and finish the rest in an hour or two.

Power Packed Chicken Sausage, Baby Spinach & Bell Pepper Egg Omelet

tea s. Olive Oil

4 eggs,1 chicken sausage link,1/4 of a orange bell pepper, hand full of baby spinach, salt / pepper to taste, lightly scramble in pan, folding gently, as desired. Serve with black coffee or tea, and side water

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