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Fitness Fashion for Healthy Pregnant Women, my latest Fit Style pics that honors the human body

Yes ladies, your bodies are beautiful, and they’re extremely amazing and should be celebrated for the magical transformation that they provide just to birth your babies. It’s time women, and men, to honor the human form, in all its aspects, and more so during and after childbirth. It’s time to realize that what our bodies can do, can’t be taken lightly, and instead of punishing ourselves with wanting to lose the baby weight, we should honor ourselves for the gift it just created. By opening our minds to the magnitude of that truth, scientifically, as well as spiritually, we can realize that the process should be trusted, and know that by allowing the appropriate time for healing, as well as strengthening, has its place.

When we follow that intuitive knowing that our bodies are hard wired for, we automatically know what to do to live our best lives, for both mommy and baby, in a healthy wellness way.

Life is a journey in self-discovery, birth, is about new beginnings, excitement, and yes, a little fear mixed in, but all and all, very full of wonder and beauty. Ladies, I know you’re all worried about the stretched marks, the sagginess here and there, the tenderness in the breast, the swollen feet, and yes, the baby weight that’s left over. BUT, YOU KNOW WHAT, don’t worry about it, relish the fact that you’re making good choices to take care of yourself by getting daily exercise, even if it’s just walking, it’s all good.

The next most important thing is nutrition, you gotta eat healthier, make better food choices that will nourish you and your baby, not only when baby is in the safety of the womb, but his or her immune system long after baby is born. The power to live well is all up to you, and the life that is growing inside of you is trusting you to make the right decision.

This is my latest Fit Glam pics, from Polyvore, mommas to be should be proud of their bodies, and just as long as their doctors say that they're having a fit pregnancy than they should be working out, according to their baseline fitness levels. If a woman has not been active and have lived a sedentary lifestyle, she needs to consult her physician before starting any type of fitness program. But if you’re not sure what you should do, it’s always better to consult with your doctor or midwife if that’s the route you’re choosing to go.

But, the most important advice I offer to all wahine, is to not stop moving. Whatever capacity you're able, keep active, keep moving and keep yourself in bliss, because BLISS births happy healthy babies. When mommy is happy, BABY is happy.

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