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Happy Friday all you fitness goddesses out there, yep that’s what you are GODDESSES! You may not want to admit it, but you know deep down inside you’re wanting to think it. So, go for it! It’s not every day that we get all the dots aligned, may be the stars and planets are working for us, and the sun is shining just right, not to mention that the fitness instructor you just love is having an unexpected drop class the moment you walked in to your favorite gym. Yes, ladies, it’s purely perfect. So, go to it, rock that body, sweat like you’ve never sweat before, and enjoy it. Enjoy what your body can do. It’s time.

Here’s my Aloha Friday Gym Style Pics, for all you GODDESSES out there. Playing with pink and purple, with just a splash of lime green for some SPRING POP. Adding the camouflage pants, for all you BOOTCAMP DIVAS, wanting to stay in perfect form and focus, yellow aviator shades, going a little wild on the color, but hell why not! And keeping you energized and reeving with a take with you snack. Don’t forget the water, and head phones, for that one on one time.

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Mahalo, Mellony


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