• Mellony PK Soares Mercado

Men sometimes worry about what other men think if they train with a woman personal trainer....

Yep, that's so true, I have a few really amazing male clients that often tell me that when they first started training with me in the gym, that the other male gym members gave them weird looks, especially when doing exercises that seemed out of place for a man to be doing in a grunt and groan gym. They've even said that some even asked them why they chose me as their trainer, how is she going to help you lift heavy weights, do you trust her, can she handle? And they've all said, "I had to give her a chance, and she's done good things since now it's showing in performance and in their body image." Not to mention, their significant others are now my personal clients as well, and they like what they're seeing in their husbands and spouses. Just because I'm a women, doesn't mean I cannot handle myself in the gym. Yes, I'm not a man, I can't lift crazy amounts of weights, but I'm not trying too, I'm there to do my job as a trainer, to meet their specific needs, and that means listening to them, being professional, because my certifications are on the line and respecting myself. So if you got questions about training, and you're a guy, it's ok, go ahead and ask, and ladies, trust me, I've had wives and girl friends that signed their men up to workout with me, and they've worked out with us too. Being fit is not a gender thing, it's a life choice.

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