• Mellony PK Soares Mercado

Bikini Body, NO Babe, It's your Inner Glow That's Showing

I hear it, see it and read it everywhere, Bikini Body season is coming. Really, I prefer my everyday body, the one I dedicate my every waking moment, eating right, resting when I need too, working out 3-5 days a week, and yep, keeping with good vibes as much as possible. Well, you can only do that if you choose to live a healthy lifestyle. Everyone tries to get in shape for a specific event, like a wedding, anniversary, high school class reunion, or because one just got divorced and wants to show up their old life. And for those new moms, our culture has placed a lot of pressure to wanting to get the pre-baby body back. Or, I want to fit in the old clothes that I wore when I was 21. Get over it. Firstly, it’s over rated. Secondly, it’s not realistic, and thirdly, really, do you really want to look and feel like when you were 21 years old. Not me! I wouldn’t trade all that I’ve worked hard for to get the body I have today, for all of that, including the tiger stripes & stretch marks from having my children. The experience we’ve gained, the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met along the way created this body I’m in right now, and that makes this body special. I’m done trying to fit in a mold of what the latest season is all about. The latest trend is all about. The latest perfect fitness competition is all about. Here’s what I’m proposing, why not live everyday dedicated to doing your best, within your means, and living your best life being healthy, making healthy choices, instead of fitting in a certain bikini for that few weeks in the sun, and then go back to being overweight, frumpy, sluggish, tired and down on yourself, only having to do it again when new years comes along. The cycle never ends. That’s why I’m telling you. Don’t get caught in the Summer beach body hype. Get hooked on the healthy wellness lifestyle instead. One will last you your entire life, possibly giving you a longer leas on life, and one is a quick fix, that won’t last.

This collection was inspired by the woman who focuses on her goals, sets her sight on living her life everyday with the intention of being healthy, mind, body and spirit. In the gym, off the court, at the field, it’s everyday life, she lives it, and her active life shows. You don’t have to live in your yoga pants and tank, or sweats and sports bra. You can be fashionable, sexy, beautiful, happy, and successful, where ever you go, by walking your talk, and LIVING IT! She works it, her way, and never gets caught up in the latest fitness craze, she sticks to what works for her.

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