• Mellony PK Soares Mercado

Staying Motivated, one breath at a time.

Staying motivated after months of going to the gym, bootcamp after work, or early morning sessions, not to mention eating clean everyday, and still trying to lose the extra few pounds, hit that goal you've been striving for, and just not quit meeting your mark.

Yea, I hear ya! I feel that way too at times, everyone does, so get this now, YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Even the best of us, from high paid professional athletes to the spartan racer, the ninja warrior queen/king, and the beast mode princess has our low days, weeks, and months.

But, it's not about getting down on yourself. It's about knowing that IT HAPPENS! It's meant to happen, and accept it. By accepting this simple fact, you'll know that when it starts to get you feeling funky, it's natural. The difference with being successful, and keep on going is about getting back on the horse, as they say. So, see it for what it is, and do something that stimulates you to challenge yourself at a different level.

What I've found out from years of training, is that keeping my goals short, my training fresh, my diet and nutrition changing with new recipes, ideas and always, always, always surrounding myself with happy positive like minded people helps me stay on par, for me. Hope this helped, message me for more one on one motivation tips, ask me questions and stay relivent in todays every changeing challenging world of fitness.


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