• Mellony PK Soares Mercado

What Every Fit Girl Needs, to Workout at Home

Going to the gym is fine, but even I can't make it there everyday. So, what do I do? I workout at home, at the field, at the park, at the beach, and yes in between clients. It's easier than most of you think. Most of the time it's lack of motivation, inspiration or the big "F" WORD in my book of fitness & wellness, LAZINESS!

That's really the whole truth. Nothing is stopping you from reaching your health and fitness goals, but you being LAZY!!! If you don't like the truth, than I'm not the coach for you. Because I'm not about sugar coating it, you get that from your extra sweet cream in your coffee at Starbucks, or supporting your bad habit's by saying, "That's ok, you'll do it tomorrow when you get to the gym and put in and extra few miles on the treadmill!" Bull!

So get over yourself, and realize the truth is the only thing that matters here. Own up to the idea that you just ain't into yourself, enough to get off your ass and workout wherever you are. You don't have to do an hour, who the hell said that is what we're suppose to do? You can workout for 15 minutes and still feel great. so get too it. Here's to showing you what you'll need to get your home gym going.


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