• Mellony PK Soares Mercado

Size Does Matter, the misconception about diet and nutrition prt. 1

How many of you out there have been confused about how much to eat? When to eat? How many meals to eat? How to eat to fuel your daily activities? How much protein, carbohydrates & fats each meal should contain, and the questions go on. It would be easy if they had a book for dummies just telling us what, when and how to eat. But guess what, they do have books out there, and they too will make you confused, because there's more going on than just putting your food on your plate, and eating it up.

The confusion comes from the idea, that as long as food are organic and whole, than consuming them in any amount is okay. NOPE, IT'S NOT!, Food, basically is your fuel that the body needs to run it's self, just like your car, it needs gas to go, you need fuel to live. But, too much of a good thing can come with complications when it comes to over eating, even when the foods are healthy for you. I love this chart from hooper.FIT showing you the visual basics of what you should be eating for the average man or woman. But it starts to get a bit more complicated if that man or woman is an athlete, hard laborer, lives a very active life, or has special medical conditions that requires a special diet. . That being the case portion size would have to be figured out specifically for the persons needs.


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