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Budget Friendly Nutrition

Nutrition isn't complicated. Every business is trying to make a buck saturating YOU, the consumer to believe that nutrition and eating healthy has a certain dollar amount attached to it. This is simply not true. As a nutrition coach, I believe that eating healthy daily, can be affordable and sure is. It's a mindset, first of all when someone is trying to sell you something, and is trying to create a elite status, trend, or lifestyle, then guess what if you buy into it, then you will buy into the ideas they are selling you, including their products. It doesn't matter if it's the medical system, traditional medicine, supplement producers, bodybuilding marketing, food companies, all are in it for the bucks. If you don't thinks so, you really better take a closer look at the whys. It really is about making money off of you. Here's my point. You can eat healthy on a budget, by learning what works for you and your family. Eat what's in season. Buy from your own local fishermen, ranchers, and farmers.

Ask your neighbors who have fruit trees or veggie & herb gardens, if you could purchase or trade for some of what they're growing. Many times, people don't even pick all the ripe fruit, and it goes bad on the vine and falls to the grown, why waste, ask.

Here's the one everyone complains about: MAKE YOUR OWN SNACKS. You do have the time, make the time. Take a Saturday, and bake up healthy whole food snacks for the week, freeze some of them and it will last for the month. Remember that portion size matters.

Our culture has a tendency to gorge until everything is gone. Don't support that. portion out the right amount of snacks, and then no one will over eat, but still have been fulfilled.

Dinner is the largest meals for most families, that being the case, eat smaller meals throughout the day, and have a family meal in the evenings together.

Brown paper bag lunches, that are homemade. Leftovers are great ways to save money, make larger meals like soups, stews, and stirfrys, and portion half to eat now, and half to freeze for a last minute meal of the week.

Shop at farmers markets, stores that sell by the unite, verses by the pound. Do your homework, don't go to the highest priced store, just because it's patronizing a certain group of people. They don't care about you, they care about your money. YOU need to care about you and your money, and start doing your homework.

And last, if you can, start to grow some of your own veggies and herbs in a small kitchen or back yard garden, of ONLY the types of items you eat. The other kinds of veggies you can pick up, or you just won't eat at all. There's no reason not to eat veggies everyday. It is affordable if you're doing what is here.

Hope this helped.

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