• Mellony PK Soares Mercadodo

Everything is Happening, to Allow you to be you!

Stop beating yourself up. Stop pushing so hard that you're entire being is black and blue. Stop asking why? Start listening to your heart and soul, and trusting deep down inside you do know what to do. That you do know where to go. That you do know it will turn out alright.

Trust, that sometimes things fall apart, so that you can really truly set yourself free from a life you're really not happy with, and don't want to live anymore, and let it go so that you can have a life that is waiting for you to claim.

Yep, claim. So today, this moment, this minute, just let things fall where they will, and trust the right people, right place, the right amount of money, right opportunity is now being formed and coming your way.


Aloha ~ Puakea


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