• Mellony PK Soares Mercado

It's YOUR Life, OWN IT!

We all have that friend that calls and says, this is happening, that is happening, and want to talk about it. Wants to try to figure it out, all the ifs, ands and whys. But wait, this is your life too. Do you want to make every persons issues, drama, story and daily habitual pattern a part of your daily life? NO, thought not.

Okay, so guess what, sometimes you gotta put on the big girl panties of yours and say to your friend, "I REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU, but it's time to OWN IT!" Yep, she may get pissed at first at you, and say you're being insensitive and hang up. But, may be that's what she needs to hear. Because friendship is a two way street, you're not there to just get dumped on no way. And if she is a good friend, she'd hear what you're saying and be okay with it.

And for you, may be it's time to stand up and kick those souls to the curve that are just taking too much of your sacred energy and say enough, and OWN IT, yourself, AND CREATE THE LIFE YOU TRULY WANT, with people that have a like mindedness like you. If not you're setting yourself up for days of dump sessions. Trust me it's not going to go anywhere. Because most people like that are using their drama as a crutch to not get over it, and get attention. Don't be like them. Be YOU!

Being well, is choosing well. DO IT!

Aloha~ PK


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