• Mellony PK Soares Mercado

Sweet Thunder Thighs

Hello ladies! So here we go... I was called thunder thighs growing up and playing soccer and other sports. I was called thick by my classmates in high school because I worked out in the gym and had a more curvaceous figure. One of my girlfriends told me I had a Coke bottle shape, not to mention the boys always would say miss thick. All in all, it wasn't too bad, but when a male coach told me my thighs were to big to run, I was like Bullshit!

He got canned. LOL... any who back to the moment, I hear ladies say everyday, I hate my legs.My legs are too big. My legs are too thick. My legs are too fat. My legs have cellulite. My legs are too... what the fuck ever.

Why, BECAUSE YOU GOT LEGS. HEALTHY LEGS. And for that you should be grateful that you can do the things that you do because your legs carry you, run for you, walk for you and so much more.

So today, HONOR YOUR THICK SWEET THIGHS, and walk with and attitude like you mean it, and am proud of it.

I love my booty and thighs, it's what keeps me being me, I honor my body, all of it.


Aloha ~ PK

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