• Mellony PK Soares Mercadodo

Mommy, Take care of yourself for me

The magical processes of life. We often take for granted that we as women, the creative process our bodies go through to bring forth life. We fall in love, or not, have sex, either plan it, or not, and we find ourselves in the stage of transformation, a creative birthing life stage, that changes us forever. Either with the other partner or not, but either way our body's cells know that we are no longer the same, a life was created, and in that process we are forever not one, but connected to that life.

As women, we feel deeply the connections of that life, and the process can be both beautiful and harsh. We as women, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, friends, mentors, we all share the joys and the pains of what being a mother, care-giver is like for that child. WE ALL SHARE IT. It may not be our child, be we are all responsible for the legacy that ALL OUR CHILDREN carry.

As women we put ourselves on the side many times to care and nurture our children, from the moment they are conceived, to their birth and even when they're grown, and sometimes beyond that. And in the process we often lose ourselves.

So I'm here to tell you, that we need to stop perpetuating self-neglect because of putting everyone first. We are teaching our children that it's ok, to put everyone first. IT'S NOT!,

You're wondering what does this have to do with the picture. it' has a lot to do with that picture, why, simple. If we start to take care of ourselves, our health, the way we eat, sleep, think, learn, exercise, and heal, we will be ready for those life changes like child birth, empty nest, menopause, and so much more. Life don't end at a certain stage, actually life expands.

I coach women everyday, and everyone at a different stage in life, but with similarities, the thing is, when we CARE FOR OURSELVES, we raise better children. When we love ourselves we raise loving children. When we nurture ourselves we raise nurturing children, because it's not about being selfish, as we've been raised, it's about knowing the difference and the difference is that the care we give ourselves while carrying that precious life in our bodies, will be instilled in their very essences, because there is no separation of emotions from a mother and a child. Both feels the same.

So I say women, learn to live in a state of self care, learn to love who you are, share that with those you love, teach your children what that means, and they will grow to do the same. We create better people in the world, be taking responsibility for our personal selves, and by doing so we have the ability to do for others as well.

Heal thyself, and the world is healed. Kill thyself, and the world dies. Feel deeply as a mother does, and she lifts the world up, and raises it as her own. ~ Whiteflower


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