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The Art of De-cluttering Home & Heart

Clutter, the kind taking up your guest bedroom, the hall closet, your back set of your car, and where ever you got a spot to stash stuff. But here's the deal, the clutter that surrounds you, is also taking up space in your body, your, mind and in your soul. Yep, you know what I'm talking about. You may not want to admit it, but it's there. Old memories, long gone that don't serve your purpose, relationships that need to be thrown in the trash, are also the type of clutter that keeps you looking over your shoulders and causing stress you choose to hold on to and revisit everyday.

So this post is calling you out. If you've talked to me, you know I'm straight up, and here I'm doing it again. Girl, it's time to DE-CLUTTER YOUR LIFE, by getting rid of all that crap you keep holding on to. Some of you will say, I'm being harsh. Really, nope, I'm being honest. and you know it. The emotions you keep holding on to is like the crap you have in your closets that you keep hording and not letting go. If you get rid of those old books, fabric, craft supplies, furniture, pots and pans, clothes that you keep saying you're going to get into... your life would free up for the YOU, that you are TODAY. NOT the you, you were back than , that is behind you. (BECAUSE YOU'RE LYING TO YOURSELF THAT YOU'RE GOING TO USE IT SOMEDAY. YOU'RE NOT, GET OVER IT. LET IT GO!)

So girl, go to it. It's time to CLEAN HOUSE. Go home, look in those old closets, draws, under the bed, in boxes, and see if you can give some of those things away. May be someone can use it. If not guess what it's time to dump it. You'll see that a lot of the stuff we keep are tied to old emotions, relationships, and fears. We hoard things as a means to keep the connections. But sometimes the connection needs to be gone.

Here's one that may touch on a subject that many don't want to look at. What about if we have to look at a loved ones home that has passed. Yep I hear you. lots of emotions there. But for me, I will not be responsible for a house full of material stuff that will just waste away. Id' rather go through it, and honor my loved one by sharing it with those that would appreciate it and may need it. Obviously there are things that you won't get rid of, sure I get it. I wouldn't too. But for me it has to have a significant value of emotion a personal connection, not just stuff. (Yes, there is a time and place. But I have relatives that have kept homes full of stuff for year, to the point that the home feel to the ground, and all the items in the home was taken to the dump.) A sad waste.

The things we keep, take on the energies of the emotions we feel and experience everyday of our lives. Many cultures do daily, monthly ceremonies to cleanse their space to bring in good vibes. It's what you should be doing as well to keep your home, office, car and life clear of the emotional clutter. Some of you wonder why you feel drained, tired, sick. well, the stuff we hold on to material or emotional, all have a hand in how we feel.

De-cluttering is an amazing way to free our lives up of things that no longer serve our present purpose. It has a very ZEN quality about it. Cleaning in it's self is a form of meditation, and release, if we truly allow our soul to breathe in the freshness of the MOMENT.

Here's a good book to get you started, at least on the home front and office level, IF YOU'D LIKE TO LEARN MORE about emotional De-cluttering stay tuned.

Aloha Puakea

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