• Mellony PK Soares Mercado

In the Company of Women, Get Inspired, Stay Motivated, and Share your PASSION!

I know you'll agree that we women, are amazing fabulous multi-faceted creatures that have such a deep desire to embrace life full out. And why not, it's in our nature to create. It's our core essence to create, and continue to birth a new. Everything we do involves passion, and we're dam good at it.

I wanted to share this book with you. You don't have to be an artist, business woman or maker, but I'm hoping that their stories will inspired you to do what you do, and fill your days and life with the kind of untapped energy that sets your soul on fire.

You see, sometimes all we need is a nudge in the right direction to go after our dreams, and when the demands of your life says you don't have time, don't have the money, don't have the help.... THAT'S THE PERFECT TIME, to believe in YOU, and follow your dreams.

Here's to setting you off... dream big, find your hearts fire, and go for it girl.



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