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Are you Holding Your Child Back, Fat, Food, Lack of Exercise?

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The young people of the world is suffering a great injustice by our educational programs. The health and fitness of our youth are on a major slippery slope, with obesity driving higher and higher every year. Wake up parents. You want your children to be successful in life, but you're really not setting them up to succeed.

You're setting them up for major failure when it comes to their health and wellness, which is the foundation of their life success.

What many parents don't understand is that our children are not getting enough physical activity on a daily basis in school. They are sitting in most classes for hours at a time all day. They are not changing out when in P.E. (Physical Education) and they are not really living life the way children are meant to live. They are not moving like we did when we were kids. They are not climbing trees, falling down, going skating, playing ball in the rain, running just for the sheer joy of chasing each other at any age. We grew up okay, yes, we did. We got bumps, scrapes, and even broken bones, but we got stronger from it. That's what life teaches us, to experience life not look at a screen and get fat due to poor food and lack of movement. The screen is not real life. They will be disappointed because when it comes to growing up, they will realize they are not prepared to handle real life. Your job is to be responsible to set them up with the best chances possible to make it.

Reading books, having healthy snacks, drinking water, and teaching these simple things in school will also offer our children better awareness. Adding Home economics and nutrition awareness, like meal planing, were some of the electives we grew up with, and it helped us later on in life. It's time to bring it back.

Our education system keeps them in boxed concentration like classrooms, and looking at computer screens all day. Really, we're setting them up to be the generation that will be worst in wear due to sitting all day, having poor eyesight due to computer and phone screens, not to mention having fingers and wrist injuries due to over use texting. Did you know that some of the craziest injuries listed now a days are due to over use on the phone and computer mouse. Yep, how sad and silly is that.

But worst of all, we are setting them up for horrific medical conditions that are PREVENTABLE like, Type 2 Diabetes, High-blood Pressure, Autoimmune Diseases, and OBESITY. Sad, very sad, because all of these even if they may have occurred in your family history, with the right mindset, taking proper action and being on track on what is the latest in health and wellness, THEY ARE ALL PREVENTABLE AT ANY AGE.

Many will come back with a rebuttal that cost of wellness, is expensive. Yes, that can be true. But there are ways to remedy that. Food is the biggest and most important

element to wellness. The old adage, "You are what you eat!" is correct. So in my opinion , food is intuitive and can be affordable if you stop trying to over think it, and keep your nutrition simple. We all know what is right and what is wrong. So stop feeding your children crappy processed foods, because it's easy and cheap. Cheap, will catch up with them, in ways like poor attention in school. Poor performance on a test. Poor performance on the court and field, and worst poor health as they grow.

If you'd like to learn more about my Intuitive Nutrition Course, Contact me directly.

The honest truth is YOU AS PARENTS ARE MAKING YOUR CHILDREN FAT, AND SETTING THEM UP FOR A LIFETIME OF ILLNESSES. Or you can be a parent that cares to budget, strategist and plan on better means to find ways to set examples of eating healthy and simple and set them up to win on all levels. Why is this so important, because if you don't give your children good health, you are teaching them how to hate their bodies. And trust me I work with adults that hate their bodies because they don't know how to love what they see. Which is a family history of bad choices and conditioning. More therapist and trainers work with people wanting to fix the way they look in hopes it will change their outcome in life. You have a chance to help them to not be one of those numbers. Teach good habits now, and they will love themselves and grow into successful adults and parents themselves. We live what we are taught. Teach better, and if you don't know how ask me for help.

Some will argue, that affordability is the reason for the obesity epidemic. NO, that's not completely true. But we will talk about that on another rant. What I want to present here is that your most valued investment is your children. So care for them, nurture them with exercise, healthy nutrition, positive examples, after all you are their very first teachers, and raise them to live life to it's fullest with a chance to succeed. They can't do that if they don't move, get out in nature, eat right, drink healthy water, and by doing this they will get better performance in school, their health will start to improve, and their future will be full of opportunity that comes from having a healthy body.

Let me be clear here, some of you will say that I'm being insensitive to those who are less fortunate and can't afford providing the needed basics for life. Trust me I'm not at all. We need to rethink our education system, our human service system, our political system and charitable donation system on so many levels to provide more resources for families to have the opportunity to raise themselves into a better place in life. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but we also can't wait for the world to catch up, we as humans must make our own change if we can. So if you see a family in need help if you can. But never enable.

Parents who want to improve their children's health, wellness, and athletic performance call me to set up an appointment for personal one on one fitness training or small group classes.


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