• Mellony PK Soares Mercado

Goals Are Just Not Enough Anymore, It's time To Expect More From Your Life

You've heard it said before, write down what you want. What you need. What you are ready to do to move forward in your life. But it hasn't been working like you've planned. You feel you must be doing something wrong. Or your plans are just suppose to somehow just magically show up. All the Secret of Attraction videos and saying haven't provided the results you've been hoping for. Well Duh!!! All the Affirmations, Zen retreats, workshops, and long hours, are just not even making a difference the way you hoped. The Weight loss supplements, the big diet plans, the training sessions... keep falling short. I got you, and I know why!

Your problem is that you're going through the steps that has been lined up for you, but you really don't believe in anything you're doing. Yep! You see, everyone thinks if they do step A through Z, everything is just going to go POOF, and show up. That's BULL!

That's not how it works. BEFORE YOU DO ALL OF THOSE STEPS, you gotta believe it's GOING TO WORK. If not you're doomed before you even begin. Your problem, is that you don't believe you deserve the changes you want in your life. You don't believe you're worth the changes in your life. And you don't believe you can have those changes happen to your life. You're also blaming everyone, and everything as the reasons those changes aren't happening for you. That's really not the truth. WE do create our destiny by the way we think and perceive things from the inside out, not the outside in. We'll get to those beliefs in the next segment. But for now here's to getting you started on the right path.

So don't you think that with all that UN-believing, that what you want to happen isn't going to happen. Exactly, you're sabotaging your life transformation from the get go. So we gotta change that.

I want you to do something really small for yourself, right here, right now, and I can promise you just this little thing can make your life change instantly. But you gotta choose to DESIRE it with all of who you are.

Firstly: The words you're using are keeping you in a constant wanting loop. What I mean by that is that, TO CONTINUE TO USE THE WORD WANT... keeps you WANTING, not having. Wanting and Having is two different things. If you keep wanting your mind is going to keep saying, "You don't have it, so keep wanting it."

Let's change that inner speech to "I'M HAVING ..... name whatever it is." Example

"I HAVE a strong body!" "I have a healthy body!" "I have a great boss!" you get the gist of my meaning. Good!

What you're going to do for the rest of this day, is you're going to come up with a 1 line sentence that uses the words "I HAVE......!" and say it in your head and out loud with conviction, energy, meaning, emotion, and feel it,over and over again. Than you're going to write it on your bathroom mirror with BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK and say it for as long as it takes for it to FEEL REAL in your body, mind and soul.

You see, the only reason you're not getting what you want, is that you're keeping it from yourself. So stop, undercutting yourself by not BELIEVING in yourself.

Start using the right words to form powerful sentences of inner and outer speech and starts seeing things happen right in front of your eyes.

The truth of the MATTER, is that you feel unworthy, not enough, unloved, you don't deserve it. BUT YOU DO! So stop wanting, waiting, hoping, wishing and dreaming, start creating your destiny on PURPOSE, by DESIGN, YOUR WAY.

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